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Helpful Information from Resurrected Cabinet Coatings:

How to Clean Your Cabinets

The finish on your cabinets is very durable.

For regular cleaning of the cabinets all you need is a damp cloth and a dry cloth. Wipe any fingerprints, food/drink spills, dust off of the cabinets with the damp cloth and then dry with the dry cloth. It is that simple for most cleaning.

Whenever you use oils/grease to cook with remember to clean your cabinets when you are cleaning the stove and countertops. Spray your favorite grease cutting product on a rag or use a damp rag with dish soap and wipe the cabinets down then dry them off.

Any spills with concentrated dyes such as some red juices, baking dyes, or hair dye should be cleaned immediately with a damp cloth and dried with a dry cloth. Dyes will penetrate the paint if left on too long.

NEVER: Use any abrasive products such as SoftScrub or Magic Eraser.

Recommended Contractors/Vendors:

Interior Designers:

  • Janelle Cinocco 719-271-9669
  • Meg Miller (Denver) 303-819-0086


  • Planet Granite (Erin) 719-522-0748
  • Green Acres Granite (Ian) 719-266-0408
  • Builders Custom Counters (Laminates) 719-573-6179

Tile Contractors:

  • Todd Wigan 719-684-4967

Handyman/General Repair

  • Mike Wenger 719-659-3066
  • Nick Estrada 719-310-7685


  • Nick Estrada 719-310-7685
  • Edwin Neff (Canon City) 719-431-3232

General Contractor

  • Advanced Remodeling (Mindy Sachaj) 719-231-1287


  • Borders Hardwood (Craig) 719-200-8578
  • All other flooring (Fidel) 719-460-2190


  • Devon Aragon 719-492-7270
  • Terry Conrad 719-650-2692

Landscape Design

  • Matt Cunningham 719-321-5309

Hardware and Cabinet Accessories:

We are a vendor for these companies and can offer discounted pricing in some cases’

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