What is cabinet coating?

  • Choose a new color for your cabinets. We are happy to consult on this decision.
  • We carefully remove your cabinet doors and drawers.
  • We sand all of the cabinets with a process that is nearly dustless.
  • We prime the cabinets.
  • Next, the magic happens. Using the finest techniques and equipment, we coat your cabinets with a durable coating that is easy to clean, hard like a resin, yet flexible to withstand cracking.

What you need to know:

  • From start to finish, most jobs take 7-10 days with only 2-3 days spent in your home.
  • You will have nearly full use of your kitchen for the entire process.
  • For the days we will be in your home, the countertops will need to be clear.
  • You can leave all of the contents in your cabinets as long as it can be pushed back from the front edge about 1/2 inch.

Ready to bring your cabinets back to life?