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We believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether you are a homeowner or investor remodeling the kitchen has to be a top priority. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen and by remodeling your kitchen you are going to improve your life as well as the value of your home. If you are looking to save money on your remodel then we believe our cabinet painting service is your best option. Our cabinet painting process will renew your kitchen cabinets at a fraction of what replacing them would cost!

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Our Cabinet Painting Process

Too often homeowners throw away perfectly good cabinets, costing themselves thousands of dollars. In many cases, a homeowner's old cabinets are actually going to be higher quality than new cabinets. Our approach takes your old and outdated cabinet and renews them by coating them with a hard acrylic paint that will make your cabinets look factory new! By using our cabinet painting service you are going to save time, money and help the environment.

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Bathroom Remodel Colorado Springs

Is it time to resurrect your old bathroom cabinets? You will be amazed at how much beauty freshly painted cabinets will add to your bathroom!

About Resurrected Cabinet Coatings

“Our goals have always been to provide a high quality service and save our customers money”

After 12 years in remodelling, we saw a need to provide clients with an economical way to refresh their kitchens and baths.  We started Resurrected Cabinet Coatings because we love helping clients save money with their kitchen or bath remodel by taking their old, tired cabinets and bringing them back to life. 

Cabinet Painting Testimonials

Give Resurrected Cabinet Coatings a call. His cabinet painting process is fantastic and it costs a fraction of a kitchen remodel. We were very impressed with his customer service, professionalism, quality of work and affordable price. Kevin is the only one to call for cabinet refacing, painting, refinishing in Colorado Springs!

Caleb C

If you need a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel in or around Colorado Springs, Kevin will help you save money. His Cabinet painting process will turn your old cabinets into the beautiful, modern cabinets you’ve always wanted. So if you need your cabinets painted, refaced, or remodeled; he is professional, skilled and affordable!

Micheal J

Kevin is the best! Want to fix those ugly cabinets he gets it done looks great.

Carmen L

Kevin is amazing to work with, so kind and professional! To get cabinets refinished at a fraction of the cost of new ones is the way to go. I've loved working with Kevin and highly recommend his work if you need your kitchen or bathroom cabinets refinished.

Jonathon P.

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Do you offer free in-home estimates

Yes, we do. We are more than happy to come to your home and walk you through our process as well as answer any questions you might have.

How much does your average customer save?

The average customer saves 60-70% over replacement and 35-50% on refacing.

How long does the process take?

From start to finish, most jobs take 7-10 days with only 2-3 days spent in your home.

Read more about our Cabinet Painting Process.

How long do professionally painted cabinets last?

The acrylic paint we use is very durable, with proper care and maintenance your painted cabinets cabinets should last 12-15 years or longer.

Will I be able to use my kitchen?

You will have nearly full use of your kitchen for the entire process. For the days we will be in your home, the countertops will need to be clear. You can leave all of the contents in your cabinets as long as it can be pushed back from the front edge about 1/2 inch.

Do you offer any warranties?

We offer a 5 year warranty for your painted cabinets on our workmanship and the products we use. We do our best to ensure the quality of our workmanship, however we are human and therefore warranty our workmanship to cover any defects that might slip by quality control. We warranty the paint against peeling, cracking, and fading. While the paint is chip resistant it is not chip proof. We therefore do not warranty against chipping because impacts are out of our control.

How many colors do I have to choose from?

The available colors to paint your cabinets is only limited by your imagination. The paint we use is fully tintable and our suppliers color matching service is par excellence. This means that you can choose a color from any source and we can have it replicated. We do recommend that you keep future plans in mind when picking your colors. If there is a move in the future we recommend staying with neutral colors but if you are sure this is the last house you are going to own then by all means go crazy with your color choices (we love doing fun colors).

What brand/ type of paint do you use?

When we paint your cabinets during your kitchen or bath remodel it is our desire to provide the best finish possible. We use a high quality acrylic paint manufactered by PPG Paints. This paint cures to a very durable low maintenance surface.

Can I paint my cabinets myself?

The decision to paint or replace your cabinets depends on the current shape that they are in, so painting isn’t a wise choice for all cabinets. If your cabinets are warped, chipped, or have other damages then painting them won’t solve your problem. Many people fail to recognize this then go forward and paint the cabinets anyway. They are almost always disappointed with the results.

Painting Cabinets Is a Long and Detailed Process. If your cabinets are in good enough shape to paint, the hugest con you will run into is the painting process itself. This involves:

Taking drawers out and doors off of the hinges

Labeling everything so you know where it goes

Thoroughly cleaning to remove dirt and stains

Sanding to get rid of the old stain or paint surface


Painting (possibly multiple coats)

Putting drawers and doors back (new hinges and pulls recommended)

Not only is this a long process that can take an untrained painter days, missing any of these steps will produce sub-par results.

What payment types do you accept?

Our preferred methods of payment are Cash or Check. Credit/Debit Card processing fees add 2-3% to the overhead on a job so we would rather avoid these types of payment. We understand that sometimes credit/debit cards are the only option and can accept payments through Paypal for these transactions.

Do you offer cabinet refacing in Colorado Springs?

We have chosen to only focus on cabinet painting, so sorry we do not offer refacing. I would like to mention that our customers save between 35-50% with our service vs cabinet refacing.

What is the best color to paint my cabinets in order to maintain the resale value of my home?

There is no specific color for your painted cabinets to maintain the resale value. Everyone has different tastes so we recommend sticking to neutral colors that enhance the other features of your kitchen so that your cabinets would appeal to the broadest cross section of potential buyers.

I did recently come across an article by, called “Buyers Pay More for Homes with These 12 Features” it  talks about how 42% of millenials prefer white cabinets.

How do I maintain my painted cabinets?

The paint we use on your cabinets is very durable. We recommend cleaning your cabinets on a regular schedule and as needed for spills and cooking residues. Scheduled cleanings and most spills can simply be done with a warm damp cloth and a dry cloth by wiping the surface with the damp cloth and then drying in order to prevent water streaks (similar to how you clean windows). When cleaning cooking residues or spills that contain oils or grease you may need to use a cleaning product that has grease cutting properties (Fantastic, 409, etc.) spray the product on a clean cloth rag and wipe down your cabinets then dry using your dry cloth. We highly recommend cleanup of cooking residues as soon after occurrence as reasonably possible as the longer they sit the more difficult they are to clean. ALERT: NEVER use a product that has abrasives as they can damage the surface. Examples of products to NEVER use are but not limited to: Softscrub, Comet, any type of scrub pad including Magic Eraser

What if something does happen to my cabinets, what can I do?

We are well aware that occasionally life happens and suddenly your painted cabinets are not looking like you would wish. Two examples that clients had occur were:

Client 1 was enjoying her newly painted cabinets for only 2 months when her grandson visited and in the midst of his rambunctious play he rammed a large metal toy truck into one of her cabinet doors causing a huge dent and chipping the paint.

Client 2 was dying her hair and spilled some of the hair dye on her cabinets and discolored one of her drawer fronts.

The good news is that almost anything is repairable. When we complete your cabinet painting we leave you with a quart of paint from the batch of paint used to complete your job. This allowed us to get the cabinet parts from the clients, effect the repairs, and repaint them with a perfect match to the original finish.

I like the layout of my kitchen but I hate my doors, what can I do?

As part of our cabinet painting service we offer door replacement as an option we can get most style doors for very reasonable costs.

I would like to add a cabinet or two, can you do that?

As part of our cabinet painting service we can install new cabinets and closely match your existing door style. We have “off the shelf” options as well as custom design. Note: We only offer this as an option to our cabinet painting service adding a few cabinets, we do not do full cabinet replacement

Do you stain cabinets?

While staining and painting cabinets share some of the same steps, we have decided to stick to painting. Working with oil based products brings a new set of issues to handle and we are not setup to work with oil based products.